The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko
by Setsuled
An all new Boschen and Nesuko story has begun in The Casebook of Boschen and Nesuko

Boschen and Nesuko

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Chapter 1:
Killing the Dead

Chapter 2:
The Perfume Stinks

Chapter 3:
Introducing Oneself to a Beautiful Topless Woman

Chapter 4:
Some Space

Chapter 5:
The Magical and Mysterious Game of Flirtation

Chapter 6:
Mad v. Bliss

Chapter 7:
A Boy and His Liberty

Chapter 8:
Muddle and Peril

Chapter 9:
Money! . . . Money!

Chapter 10:
An Excuse

Chapter 11:
Methods and Discourse

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:
A Pretty Bag

Chapter 14:
Fucking Insoluble

Chapter 15:
Sane Guy for the Psychotic Eye

Chapter 16:
Inspiring Peace

Chapter 17:
A Nice Place

Chapter 18:
Everyone's a Princess

Chapter 19:
Making a Pop Sensation!

Chapter 20:
Thoughts in Nesuko's Bedroom

Chapter 21:
Illustration of Missing Information

Chapter 22:
Parties are Always Boring

Chapter 23:

Chapter 24:
The Love Idea

Chapter 25:
No Satisfaction

Chapter 26:
The Sensitive Psychopath

Chapter 27:
Ghost, Girls, and Video

Chapter 28:
Unreliable Illumination

Chapter 29:
Unlucky Travellers

Chapter 30:
All is Anarchy in Love and Melee

Chapter 31:
Sloppy Symmetry and Useless Sympathy

Chapter 32:
Awkward Reflections and the Value of Motives

Chapter 33:
Shyness is Nice

Chapter 34:
Violations and Rapport

Chapter 35:
A Red Ship

Chapter 36:
Warm Goddess Love

Chapter 37:
Nature Boy

Chapter 38:
And Now, a Universe of Love

Chapter 39:
The Utility of Repose

Chapter 40:
Possibly Pointless Discussion

Chapter 41:
Certain Death

Chapter 42:

Chapter 43:
General Death

Chapter 44:
Strange Avenues

Chapter 45:
The Dirty Joke

Chapter 46:
Familiar Strangers

Chapter 47:
Wading Through Shit Lacks Appeal

Chapter 48:
Involuntary as Always

Chapter 49:
The Role of the Dead

Chapter 50:
Want of a Decent Meal

Chapter 51:
Conversations Avoided

Chapter 52:
Killing the Living

Chapter 53:
Corporeal Problems

Chapter 54:
A Sudden Good Mood

Chapter 55:
Foiled Again

Chapter 56:
Interlude for Mammary Glands

Chapter 57:
Dame Tossing

Chapter 58:
What She Has


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